Bark Off Reviews

If you want an honest Bark Off review watch this video from a TV News Station.

According to this TV news report if your dogs bark then you might want a Bark Off .

A local Buffalo woman named Connie contacted her favorite TV news show and asked them if the Bark Off for dogs could help her with her three barking dogs. The news show decided to buy a Bark Off and give it to Connie to test. The results Connie got were shocking.

She has three dogs all different breeds. She complained that they barked all the time and she could not train them to not bark. When she got the Bark Off she simply turned it on and put in on the table in the living room. In just a couple of minutes all three of her barking dogs were quite.

She said she was “impressed and shocked”. To put the Bark Off to the ultimate test she had the reporter go outside and ring the door bell. This always sets the dogs off and gets them barking like crazy. But this time, with the Bark Off device on not one of the dogs barked.

Connie said, “They would be going crazy right now. I am totally in shock because they would be going crazy.”

After filming the Bark Off review episode they gave Connie the device and left it with her. A couple of weeks later they called her up to see if it was still working.

Connie said it was working wonderfully. She told the reporter that she gave one of them to her neighbor to test. Her neighbor told her she got “absolute silence” when she used it with her dogs.

Connie said there are times when she does want her dogs to bark. When she goes to bed at night she turns off the Bark Off so her dogs will bark if there is any one approaching the house.

As I mentioned in my post below I love my Bark Off. It is easy to use and it works just like they show it on TV. Right now you can get two Bark Offs for $10. That is a great price! I keep one at home and one in my purse.

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