BarkOff As Seen On TV

BarkOff is probably the hottest As Seen on TV pet product to hit the market.

The commercial explains how this pet friendly device emits a humane pitch, inaudible to humans, drawing your dog’s attention and interrupting the barking pattern.

However I was very concerned that what they said and what my Suzy was really hearing were two different things. But I found out it really is true. The doggie sound really doesn’t hurt their ears at all.

What is great is it works up to 30 feet away. Not only will it help you train your dog to know when it is OK to bark and when it is not but you can put an end to those annoying midnight barking sessions from neighboring dogs with a simple flip of the switch. I have done that and it really does work!

Being an As Seen on TV item, Bark Off comes with the special offer of buy one for $10.00 and receive another one for free. You just have to pay an extra shipping cost for the second one.

But I found even a better deal! When I bought mine I found an offer where I got two BarkOff’s for $10 and a free $10 Walmart gift card after I was done ordering.
Click this link to the BarkOff Walmart Promotion to see if the offer is still available.

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