BarkOff Benefits

There are so many benefits with BarkOff.

Most importantly I take comfort knowing that I am using pet & eco friendly product. There is no harm to any pet within hearing range. I live on the 2nd floor in a condo building. My neighbors are not very tolerant of noise, especially at night. I no longer have worry about my dog Suzy barking. If something gets her started I simply flip the switch on the BarkOff and she calms right down.

I got the “buy one get one free” deal so I keep one in my bedroom for those nighttime annoyances and one in my purse for our trips to the park.

It works great at the dog park. As much as I like taking Suzy to the dog park I don’t like all the barking and aggression of some dogs. I noticed that if I turn on the BarkOff at the park the aggressive dogs stay away and all of the dogs within about thirty feet of me don’t bark. That was a very nice surprise.

BarkOff Benefits List from

  • Inaudible to Human Ears
  • Instantly Captures Your Dog’s Attention
  • Naturally & Painlessly Interrupts Barking Pattern
  • Calms Your Dog
  • No Wires or Cords
  • Portable – Goes Where Your Dog Goes
  • Perfect for Indoors or Outdoors
  • Lightweight – Fits in Your Pocket –
  • Ultrasonic
  • Pet & Eco Friendly
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free

I got a great deal. When I bought mine I got both units for $10 but I also got a free $10 Walmart gift card that I can use at any Walmart store. I love that!

Click this link to the BarkOff Walmart Promotion to see if the offer is still available.

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