BarkOff Complaints

I listed some complaints that I have found online below. But, I want to tell you my Suzy had no problems with the BarkOff from the first day I got it.

Actually the first time I turned it on it was pretty funny because she immediately stopped barking but could not figure out where the sound was coming from. I couldn’t hear anything but she sniffed around trying to find it.

It took me about two days using it to get her to learn when I turn it on she needs to stop barking. Now I just hold it up and she stops.

I am a very prudent shopper when it comes to shopping online, so I do as much research as possible on products before purchasing anything.

I know how time consuming it can be to do online research. So to save you the time and hassle of surfing the net like I did I have listed all of the complaints I found below.  The good news is almost all the owner said they loved their BarkOff’s. However I did find some complaints.

Dog owners had some concerns over the safety of their dogs and other pets from using the BarkOff. They were concerned it might hurt their pet’s ears. I learned that many veterinarians approve of ultrasonic airwaves as the best way to solve barking problems. Ultrasonic airwaves are the preferred method over surgery. The portable Bark Off device is also much better than irritating and painful electrical dog collars.

A couple dog owners complained about increased barking from their dogs at the initial use of BarkOff.  As with any training program there can sometimes be a little defiance or stubbornness from your pet.  A short period of increased barking has been cited in a few cases, but has been reported to cease within a few days.

One dog owner had a complaint that when their dog heard the ultrasonic sound the first time it had a peeing accident. I didn’t want that to happen to Suzy so I read the complaint again. It wasn’t a complaint at all. The owner said that his dog always pees when it barks. It must be an old god and have a bladder problem. I would think that using the BarkOff would help having to clean up messes because his dog would bark less.

I have had my BarkOff for about six months now and the only complaint I have is I had to replace the batteries once. I understand that replacing batteries goes with the territory, and personally I would rather change a battery every six months or so than deal with headaches and sleepless nights over annoying and unnecessary dog barking.

I have some great news! When I bought my BarkOff I found a great offer that gave me a free $10 Walmart gift card after I ordered the unit. With the money I got from the gift card I ended up only having to pay shipping.

Click this link to the BarkOff Walmart Promotion to see if the offer is still available.

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