Customer Review Of Bark Off For Dogs

BarkOff is a brand new pet gadget designed to train your dog to stop barking in inappropriate situations. If you’ve ever had issues taking your dog on walks, in the car, or in social situations because of excessive barking, consider this review of BarkOff.

Let’s get into the major points to open this Review of BarkOff. First and foremost, it works by emitting ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to humans but is heard by dogs at a COMFORTABLE and SAFE level. This is obviously the most important aspect of the product, or that it’s completely safe for your dog and its hearing. It emits at a level which is loud enough for your dog to notice, thus immediately breaking the barking pattern.

The sound waves themselves are triggered by barking, so it goes off as soon as your dog begins to bark thus teaching them to associate this interrupting tone with barking. It’s completely automatic as a result so that all you’ve got to do is turn on the device for it to begin responding to barking.

Something which I can’t find in another Review of BarkOff but is very important to mention is that it only retrains your dog’s barking habits in the scenarios/situations in which you want it to stop barking. So if you use it every time you have friends over, your dog stops barking when you have company over but will continue to bark in “danger” situations like a break in or fire.

One final thing to mention in this Review of BarkOff is describe the device itself. It’s a bit smaller than an average television remote and fully battery powered so that you can take it with you wherever you go whether it be the car or on walks or just keep it anywhere in your home, anywhere you take your dog basically. The device itself has a radius of 20 ft so it’s completely mobile assuming you’re within 20 feet of your dog.

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