Does Bark Off Really Work?

BarkOff is a tool designed for dog owners to train dogs how to quickly and cheaply stop barking. You may have seen the infomercial on television, or perhaps you just have a noisy dog which you can’t control. The important question to ask is will BarkOff work for you?

Before we answer will BarkOff work for anyone who uses it, let’s talk a bit about the device itself. It’s battery powered, very small and portable, and about the size of your cell phone. This enables you to take it wherever you go and wherever you take your dog.

By switching the device on, whenever it picks up dog barking it emits a high-pitched but dog friendly soundwave which is inaudible to humans but dogs take immediate notice of it, thus breaking the barking patterns immediately. After a brief stint of repetition of every time your dog barks it hears this sounds, your dog learns to stop barking after being constantly interrupted by this noise.

This works on an individual basis so whatever situation you use it to address barking in, it only stops barking in those cases. This is important to mention in how BarkOff works because it’s unlikely that you want to stop your dog barking altogether and there are some situations where it’s important and part of the reason why you have a dog such as in case of an emergency or intruder in your home. But in social situations you can simply turn on the device and it has a 20 foot radius so that it can reach your dog at a distance and your dog learns to be quiet when you have friends over very quickly and humanely.

At $10 plus shipping and handling, bark off is a much more cost-effective solution then going to obedience classes. To answer the originally posed question, will BarkOff work for you, now that we have a better understanding of it, it works across all breeds and ages of dogs as they all perceive sound the same way.

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