Does BarkOff Work On All Breeds Of Dogs?

BarkOff is a dog training tool specifically aimed at eradicating your dog’s barking. This article is going to address and answer the question of does Barkoff work?

The important thing to understand is how does Barkoff work in the first place. This is a small portable battery operated gadget which emits a high frequency tone which only dogs can pick up on. When turned on, it detects and responds to your dog’s barking by emitting the quiet but constant tone which is completely safe to your dog’s hearing and health as certified by professional veterinarians.

You can turn it on and off to set which environments in which it conditions your dog’s barking which is important to note because it doesn’t just stamp out barking across all scenarios. This way you can train your dog to remain quiet in social and other situations in which it’s inappropriate for him to bark, but you can ensure he continues barking in potentially dangerous situations in the case of fire or break ins.

The tool has an effective range of 20 feet and is completely portable so that you can take it with anywhere you take your dog. This is helpful for conditioning him to stop barking at other dogs or to strangers in the park.

It works on virtually any breed or age of dog, as well. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on costly obedience classes which can take weeks and months, you can see how does BarkOff work for your dog for just $10, minus the cost of batteries.

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