How To Use Bark Off To Teach Non Barking Behavior

Do you love your dogs but hate their barking? Do you have small, yappy dogs that are driving your family crazy? Cannot figure out a pet friendly way to stop the incessant noise?

Barking Is A Learned Behavior

Imagine: control over when your dog barks!

? Training him not to bark at the television, or doorbell or at other animals is an achievable goal.

? Getting him to the point where he only barks when he feels the need to protect you and your home is doable.

? Help him make the distinction between protecting his family and barking at any noise or other distraction.

? Then his barking is no longer a nuisance to your family, guests and neighbors.

Barking is a learned response and our pets can be re-trained. Small dogs, especially, bark as a defense mechanism. However, they and we don’t need to be “protected” every time the doorbell rings or every time they see another dog…and we don’t have to put up with their annoying behavior. Our friends and neighbors may say “aren’t they cute!”, but inside they are saying “why can’t you stop that awful barking?”.

Who Benefits From Re-Training?

Are neighborhood children, or your own grandchildren and guests, afraid of your dogs simply because they bark a lot? It’s sad that an otherwise sweet and friendly family pet is causing anxiety in other people. Dogs can be such a blessing to everyone, especially children and the elderly. Help your pets to remain calm and loving, and provide the environment that nurtures the beneficial relationship between people and pets; and get your own peace of mind in the process.

A friend of mine attended a neighborhood party a couple of weeks ago and complained to me later that she couldn’t wait to get out of there. The host had 2 small dogs that barked the whole time. How much better that experience would have been for all the guests if the host had taken the time to train her dogs!

Many times your dog’s barking will be seen as a threat to another dog, potentially creating lots of problems. Has one of your neighbors ever made it a point to steer their animals away from yours? It’s probably because they are afraid of a potential dog fight.

What Can You Do?

There is an electronic dog trainer available on the market that works by emitting an ultrasonic wave that gets your pet’s attention and stops him from barking. It will work within a radius of 10 or 20 feet, and can be turned on and off when needed. BarkOff is wireless and battery operated, so it can be moved from room to room or indoors to outdoors, wherever you need it. Thus, it can go with you from room to room, or on your daily walks. A simply activation of the switch will do the trick.

Another solution is to hire a dog trainer to come over and work with you and your pets. This can sometimes work in one or two sessions, and sometimes it takes longer. The important thing is to follow the trainer’s suggestions consistently over whatever period of time it takes to stop the barking. All family members should also be included in the training to get the best results.

Whatever route you take, isn’t it time we took control of our pets, instead of them controlling us? Using BarkOff really does look to be a viable solution.

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